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Procedures for booking Kathy LaTour

1. Call VGS Marketing Group, Inc. to express your interest in inviting Kathy LaTour to speak at your upcoming event. 972-395-9034

2. VGS will mail to you a Kathy LaTour speaking packet for review.

3. If you decide you would like to check Kathy's availability for your date, VGS Marketing will gather details from you about your event and then check Kathy's schedule.

4. VGS will get back in touch with you to let you know if she is available. If she is and you are ready to confirm, VGS will complete a contract/confirmation form and e-mail to you for review. The contract will denote when payment is due with the first due four weeks after booking and the final payment due upon completion of the presentation. (Travel and lodging expenses are in addition to the speaking fee.)

5. After reviewing the confirmation and making any necessary edits, you will e-mail that back to VGS Marketing. Then you will print out, sign and fax the document to VGS at 972-395-9368.

6. VGS Marketing will review, sign and mail back to you.

7. As soon as your event details are in order, please complete the enclosed questionnaire in your packet and return to VGS Marketing Group, Inc. Thoroughly answering these questions will help to ensure the success of your event.

We are always at your service to answer any questions or just talk about your event and its progress. Please don't hesitate to give us a call!

Thank You!

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